"At UrbanScapes, we’re very conscious of the fact that your grounds are a personal statement. The gardens, greens, and flora of your property give your clients and guests their first impression – and we can help you make an impression that will last. "


The first step to building a relationship with any client is listening carefully to what that client wants. Whether it’s reshaping a garden, planting new plants, putting in completely new beds, adding stonework to an existing garden, or adding lighting, we will work with you to help you clarify what you want, and to find the best way to ensure that the end result will last.


The operation of a multi-residential property involves balancing the needs and wants of several stakeholders – regardless of size. The greening of a multi-residential property is about more than just plants, stone, and sod. We will provide a thorough and accurate assessment of your property and its needs, and work with you to find cost-effective, short- and long-term solutions.


Your place of business and its surroundings make a powerful statement about your business’ commitment to quality and its success. Our professional, reliable work will help your business cultivate a look that has impact.